"Working with Dina was critical in enabling me to successfully lead my organization through a massive strategic change. Her insight, candor, and support accelerated my development as a leader and person, and our conversations always left me feeling energized, focused, and with a fresh perspective on key issues."


​Marc Spencer CEO Summer Search / National Non-Profit

"I worked with Dina as my executive coach following the receipt of very disappointing news regarding an important promotion that I had been after for a long time. Dina helped me to digest the feedback and formulate a plan to address the relevant development points during the course of our coaching engagement. She helped me to stay positive and held me accountable to periodic milestones along the way, while also helping to serve as a sounding board. I am happy to say that with Dina's help, I was able to refocus and attack these feedback areas with increased determination, focus, and intentionality, which has been noticed by my leaders and has carried over after our coaching engagement. I especially appreciate the flexibility with which Dina approached each coaching session, making sure that the discussion centered around what was top of mind for me, and not necessarily holding rigidly to a pre-packaged coaching curriculum. She also followed up with me between sessions regularly, including sharing relevant articles that related to our coaching that she thought may be helpful. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Dina and would strongly recommend her to anyone going through a similar situation.”

Colin Carney / Managing Director / PwC

“I had the pleasure to work with Dina for just over six months. When Dina and I first met I had just hired 6 senior leaders on my team. Being a “hands-on & leading from the front” style leader, my goal for the coaching experience was to scale my impact through delegation. My experience partnering with Dina was so much more than just addressing that one goal. She combines self- reflection, a rich 360, a structured approach to goal setting, and a process to monitor embracing new habits to help a leader set their development plan. What I valued the most is her uncanny ability to help you find the answers within yourself and being available as a balanced sounding board on all things surrounding leadership. In six short months, I was able to achieve my goals successfully and have a tangible impact that has been visibly noted by my team, peers, and senior leaders. Partnering with Dina was an empowering experience. It made me realize the importance of a coach for business leaders who are typically focused on immediate results alone to enable them to be the whole leader one can and needs to be to have a long-lasting impact.”


Mala Sharma / VP and GM / Adobe

"Working with Dina was a real game-changer. It gave me confidence, real tools to utilize in real situations, and a higher sense of accountability for my own self-development as well as the development of my team."


Katie Brown-Davis / Senior Director / Sephora

“Dina was a great sounding board for my thoughts, helping me both get clear and focused on my key priorities as well as see things in a different and more objective light. Working with a coach and pushing the envelope on your own personal development isn’t always easy, and Dina was very skilled at balancing my needs and interests with organizational expectations and creating a positive and productive dynamic with both me as well as other key internal stakeholders. She quickly understood our organizational language and internal politics, and her insights and guidance were incredibly helpful to me in determining how to navigate complex situations and relationships. Dina is a trusted and valuable partner for me, helping me identify and stay on center with my most important goals, and always providing the right mix of challenge and support.” 

Dr. Yael Kril / Regional Manager / Intel Corporation

“After recently achieving a long-held career goal I found myself in my new position wondering, “now what?” Dina helped me reset my career goals and kick some bad mental habits that were limiting my thinking and holding me back. Together we explored my true interests and strengths enabling me to establish my next set of career goals. Among other benefits, I learned to question unhelpful assumptions, avoid negative thinking and manage through conflict. Conversation with Dina was easy and always productive. She challenged me to consider different points of view and her supportive guidance helped me lead myself to valuable insights. I was fortunate to work with Dina and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to expand their self-awareness and career success.”

Christine Tiberio / Senior Director / S&P Global Market Intelligence

“I greatly benefited from working with Dina on my approach to working with my team, developing talent, and working through challenges with my direct reports. In talking through issues with Dina, she helped me tackle these discussions in different ways than I would normally defer to and I developed new and better ways of thinking about and leading my teams.”

Senior Director / Gap, Inc.

“Dina’s skill and ability to read both a business situation as well as the professional is uncanny. Her ability to make a professional NOT feel judged while they are being vulnerable is superior to anyone we have had the opportunity to work with in the past 25 years. Most professionals are always in a transition of sorts; some big like changing careers or changing company infrastructure, or others more subtle like learning to hold yourself and others accountable to the goals.  Well, for our ETC Companies to continue its rapid growth trajectory both big and subtle changes needed to happen, and Dina knew just how to assist our leadership team with these transitions. Delivering both individual executive coaching as well as powerful leadership team offsites, Dina has been a gamechanger for us.  She may tell you that she does not have the answers; but what she does have is the ability to ask the right questions to focus her clients on matters of relevance to find the best answer for themselves.”

Alicia Haff and Heather Garcia / Co-Founders / The ETC Companies (Inc. 500 Honoree)

Teams and Facilitation

"Dina did an excellent job facilitating our team offsite and making sure everyone stayed focused. She was extremely personable and energetic and able to move the conversation forward.  She balanced drawing out our own knowledge and ideas with providing best practice and other relevant information that will be immediately applicable.

Participant, Federal Reserve Bank

"Dina is friendly, approachable, and energetic! She created a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to share, contribute their different styles, and work collaboratively. Dina is a strong facilitator and kept the session on pace and on goal.

Participant, Federal Reserve Bank

Dina was a very effective instructor and was able to deliver her message very effectively. She made learning the content and understanding how to apply it very easy.

Participant, PwC


"We were having trouble with our team with accountability and managing conflict. Over the course of our team offsite with Dina, she helped us open up about these things and work our way through them - something we knew we needed to do but didn’t know-how. Bringing realness, insight, appropriate sense of humor, and strong facilitation Dina kept us on point and focused so that we addressed all the higher-level issues, deepened our understanding of ourselves and our team members, and left with a great plan." 

Leadership Offsite Participant

Awesome person! Great insights!                                                                                                                              Participant, PwC

"Our leadership team’s offsite with Dina was fantastic, truly a worthy expense of two days. We created a plan of action in our two days with her that we hadn’t been able to accomplish in two years." 

Leadership Offsite Participant

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