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Executive Coaching in San Francisco

Dina Denham Smith

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"Dina is an authentic, empathetic, and caring individual truly focused on your growth and development.

She is very perceptive, and always knows the right questions to ask to help you come to your own self-realization. I would work with Dina again in a heartbeat, as I know that she is committed to my success."


-- Cindy Lee / Executive Director / Gilead

"I worked with Dina as my executive coach following the receipt of very disappointing news regarding an important promotion.

With Dina's help, I was able to refocus and attack certain feedback areas with increased determination, focus, and intentionality, which was noticed by my leaders and has carried over after our coaching engagement. I am very thankful and strongly recommend her.”

-- Colin Carney / Partner / PwC

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Executive Coach San Francisco

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Executive Coach San Francisco

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