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How do you overcome a bad job market? Groom a dynamite personal brand

In the wake of the pandemic’s economic damage, how well is your personal brand helping your employabilty and long-term image?

Originally published in Fast Company.

How to Develop a Strong Leadership Brand

If you're a leader, you already own a leadership brand, whether you've thought about it or not. Is it the brand that you want?

Originally published in Forbes.

Are they being honest with me? Here’s how to encourage candid employee feedback

Before your colleagues and direct reports can speak honestly with you, they must feel a sense of trust and safety.

Originally published in Fast Company.

How to Build Trust in a Virtual Workplace

Leaders on virtual teams need to go over and above the normal measures to build trust.

Originally published in Forbes.

Mission Control

What do you want to accomplish in your career and how do you go about realising it?

Originally published in Accounting and Business.

How to Build Resilience in a Crisis

Three things to manage the challenges we're facing now and emerge stronger.

A clear perspective

While building mindfulness into your day might seem daunting, the benefits may have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.

Originally published in Accounting and Business.

Five Simple Tips for Leading in Uncertain Times

The ability to lead and communicate during uncertain times is an essential leadership skill – one that is especially relevant now.

How to finally stop micromanaging and delegate more

Most leaders are afraid of delegating because it requires them to relinquish control.

Originally published in Fast Company.

Take A Break: It's The Most Productive Thing You Can Do

Taking a break improves decision making, keeps you focused, and leads to better ideas.

Originally published in Forbes.

How to Deal with a Manager Who Doesn't Manage

Managing up with an absentee boss presents a unique dilemma. Here are 5 strategies to help you do just that.

Originally published in Fast Company.

Three Simple Tips to Manage Up Without Kissing Up

Your manager plays a crucial role in your success, so it's critical to manage that relationship well.

Originally published in Forbes.

Mindfulness For The Restless And The Busy

Curious and believing that meditation would be “good for me," I started my journey 12 years ago...

Originally published in Forbes.

How To Communicate With A Colleague Who Says 'Yes' But Means 'No'

There are many reasons to keep your word, especially in a professional setting where you could jeopardize your career.

Originally published in Forbes.

When Trying To Influence Others, Start With Yourself

Influence is a non-negotiable skill in leadership and business.

Originally published in Forbes.

How To Increase Engagement On Your Team: A Science-Backed Way

Engaged employees fuel productivity and profitability for company.

Originally published in Forbes.

Getting Your Voice Into The Room When You're Afraid To Speak Up

The tendency to hold oneself back in meetings, especially when feeling uncertain for any reason, is not uncommon.

Originally published in Forbes.

Brain-Based Tips For Sharpening Your Focus

Chris, a senior leader at a tech firm, was struggling to "balance it all" and feeling stressed, exhausted and frustrated.

Originally published in Forbes.

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