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How to Quit (BBC)

When is it a good idea to quit? And when quitting isn't an option, what can you do?

(Originally published in BBC. Image: Ash Barty, Credit: Getty)

Show notes:

When women's tennis world number one Ash Barty suddenly announced in March 2022 that she was retiring from tennis, it was huge shock.

Barty, a three time grand slam champion, was only 25.

At the time she said she was leaving professional tennis to pursue other life goals.

Quitting is often seen as a negative thing to do, but in this episode we explore the positive side.

PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears survey of more than 52,000 people in 44 countries showed that one in five workers planned to quit their jobs in 2022.

Marie Keyworth speaks to Moya Dodd, former vice-captain of Australia’s women’s football team - The Matildas. She now works as a lawyer in Sydney and says Barty's decision to 'quit at the top' could be a lesson to us all.

Career coach Sarah Weiler has quit several roles herself, and has now made it her job to help others – how do you know when it’s time to move on?

And Dina Denham Smith is an executive coach based in the San Francisco Bay area. She helps what she calls ‘high performing, high achieving’ people make decisions. She tells Marie how you can improve your situation if quitting isn’t an option.

Presented and produced by Marie Keyworth.


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