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Sometimes getting an outside perspective can help you overcome challenges and see what’s really possible.

Let’s look at the big picture together and identify your best moves:

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“Dina’s skill and ability to read both a business situation as well as the professional is uncanny.  For ETC to continue its rapid growth trajectory, both big and subtle changes needed to happen, and Dina knew just how to assist our leadership team with these transitions.

Delivering both individual executive coaching as well as powerful offsites for the leadership team, Dina has been a game changer for us.  


-Alicia Haff & Heather Garcia / Founders /  ETC Companies (Inc. 500 Honoree)

Clients include leaders at:

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Do you feel like you can go further?

You’re right.

“Dina was a great sounding board for my thoughts, helping me both get clear and focused on my key priorities as well as see things in a different and more objective light.


Dina quickly understood our organizational language and internal politics, and her insights and guidance were incredibly helpful to me in determining how to navigate complex situations and relationships.


Dina is a trusted and valuable partner for me, helping me identify and stay on center with my most important goals, and always providing the right mix of challenge and support.” 

-Dr. Yael Kril / Regional Manager, Israel / Intel 

"Dina made an immediate impact on my leadership abilities. She worked with me to set goals and exercises to put those into practice throughout the course of our coaching sessions.


My progression was validated with strong results, and I’m confident it has made me a stronger leader. I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me through this process."

-Brett Barash / Director, Global Creative & Experience / Intel