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Sometimes getting an outside perspective can help you overcome challenges and see what’s really possible.

Let’s look at the big picture together and identify your best moves:

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“Dina’s skill and ability to read both a business situation as well as the professional is uncanny.  For ETC to continue its rapid growth trajectory, both big and subtle changes needed to happen, and Dina knew just how to assist our leadership team with these transitions.

Delivering both individual executive coaching as well as powerful offsites for the leadership team, Dina has been a game changer for us.  


-Alicia Haff & Heather Garcia / Founders /  ETC Companies (Inc. 500 Honoree)

Clients include leaders at:

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Do you feel like you can go further?

You’re right.

"Dina is an excellent executive coach. Her commitment to her clients and her warm, engaging style are supported by a deep knowledge of neuroscience as applied to leadership. I've had the opportunity to refer many people to her for coaching, to watch her coaching in action and even to be coached by her myself. Her intelligence, her access to powerful questions and her personal commitment to growth make her a truly exceptional strategic partner and coach. The people I've referred to her have consistently given her rave reviews too. If you get a chance to work with Dina - take it!​"

- Anna Barber / Partner / M13

"Our work with Dina was an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience for us all.  We came to better understand the strengths and opportunities within ourselves, but also as an overall team, in a judgement-free and upbeat vs. heavy-handed way.  And most importantly, the sessions created moments to better understand and connect with each other on a more personal level, which we’ve been deprived of over the past 1.5 years."


- Matt Karson / Media Director / The Clorox Company