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Keynotes & Workshops


"Dina gave an engaging talk on ‘How to Strengthen Your Network' for the Women's Interest Network at ExxonMobil. She provided important, memorable, and actionable items that were applicable to all levels of her audience. Dina’s talk was a great opportunity for the audience to learn important strategies to build and strengthen their networks."


-- ExxonMobil

"We recently booked Dina to talk about resilience with a group of our portfolio CEOs.  She offered a great mix of experience and empathy grounded in training and framed clearly the ways in which resilience can be built.  


What's more, she connected instantly with the audience - even over Zoom, she created an environment where CEOs that didn't know each other felt comfortable jumping in and adding their own experiences to the conversation."


-- M13 

"It was a pleasure to have Dina Smith guest lecture at the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at the University of California-Berkeley. She presented a highly valuable summary of influence strategies drawn from well-founded theory and research. Dina's presentation condensed that theory into a condensed easy to remember format. We look forward to having Dina deliver this again in the future!"


-- UC Berkeley

"Dina's talk about The Art and Science of Effective Influence and her strategic framework for influencing will help our founders navigate challenges differently and address them in positive ways. She facilitated enlightening conversations that reached into both business expectations and personal life and provided tools to address them head on. Dina offered abundant support, wise counsel, and actionable take-aways - we feel lucky that she came to speak!"


-- Uncork Capital

"During a recent meeting of executives representing pediatric healthcare fundraising organizations, Dina presented on The Emotional Labor of Being a Leader - How to Manage It, and I felt seen. Never before have the expectations of leaders by their employees been so high than these last couple of years, and
Dina gets it. Even better, she offered strategies to deal with it. At the end of Dina's presentation, I had strategies to apply that will help me be a better leader for my organization."

--Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg

"I had the pleasure of hosting Dina as the speaker for a program for the UniCredit Bank Austria Leadership Team. Dina's language and her way of presentation let her connect easily with real experiences of leaders. Her presentation about emotional-labor empowered and helped our leaders to overcome the dilemma between high performance and emotional health."

--UniCredit Bank Austria

"Dina! You were such an awesome speaker! Keep doing you!"

-- PWC

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