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What’s in My Library

“So many books and so little time."
- Frank Zappa

Below you can find some of my current favorites in the areas of leadership, communication, neuroscience, and career success.


Clicking on the covers below will take you directly to Amazon if you wish to add

them to your library as well.

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Leadership &

01 multipliers.jpg
02 Influence without authority.jpg
03 Conversational Intelligence.jpg
04 the thin book of trust.jpg
05 the five dysfunctions of a team.jpg
06 crucial conversations.jpg
07 The art of possibility.jpg
08 Quiet leadership.jpg
09 Deep Work.jpg
10 The 15 commitments.jpg
11 The five temptations of a CEO.jpeg
12 Radical Candor.jpg
13 Digital Body Language.jpeg
14 The fearless organization.jpeg
15 Unlocking leadership mindtraps.jpg
16 Dare to lead.jpg
17 Why CEOs Fail.jpg
18 Executive Presence.jpeg

Neuroscience & Psychology

01 Thinking fast and slow.jpg
02 The brain that changes itself.jpg
03 The inner game of tennis.jpg
04 The power of habit.jpg
05 Two awesome hours.jpg
06 Self-Compassion.jpg
07 Mindset.jpg
08 The power of story.jpg
09 Drive.jpg
10 Mindsight.jpg
11 Brain rules.jpg
12 One small step.jpg
13 The hidden brain.jpg
14 Man's search for meaning.jpg
15 Why Zebras don't get ulcers.jpg
18 Social.jpeg
17 Substract.jpeg

Career Success

02 Working identity.jpg
03 How women rise.jpg
04 The confidence gap.jpg
05 So good they can't ignore you.jpg
06 Social Chemistry.jpeg
07 Big potential.jpeg

Dina D. Smith | MBA, MS, PCC

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As seen in:

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