Unlock Your Team's Extraordinary Potential

Team programs: Single-day, year-long, and everything in between

Healthy, high-functioning teams are the lifeblood of your organization.


But even at the highest level, even with the best and brightest of teams, there are any number of challenges that can arise. In fact, they’re very common. And with the right tools and tactics, they’re also correctable.


I’ll help you uncover the roadblocks, create a clear plan of action, and take your team to a whole new level.

Here’s what the next level can look like


  • A strong sense of collective purpose, alignment on goals and values, and clarity on role and processes.

  • An environment of deep trust where conversations are open and honest, differences are valued, and productive conflict is possible.

  • A team culture and processes that foster commitment, accountability, innovation, and team learning to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Strategic engagement with stakeholders to clarify needs and expectations and deliver strong value.

  • Team resilience and the capability to recalibrate and reimagine what’s possible.

  • Improved overall business performance and bottom-line results.

Here’s how it works


One size does not fit all. The blueprint for your program is custom-created to inspire and elevate your unique team.


Your team and its context are unique, and that’s why my approach starts with careful inquiry. I’ll focus on understanding your team’s current patterns, your strengths and areas of opportunity, and clarifying your specific needs and goals. Depending on the situation, I may employ a variety of proven assessment methodologies to help us uncover the highest impact opportunities.

Based on your team’s needs and desired outcomes, I’ll recommend, design, and deliver a program that empowers your team to maximize its growth and performance as a unit—and enjoy the process along the way.


Typically combining strategic facilitation, coaching, and tailored content, my team programs are results-focused and customized to meet your objectives.

Team programs may take different forms, such as:

  • Leadership team offsites focused on a specific breakthrough

  • Team workshops to deepen relationships and practice new ways of working together

  • Longer-term team coaching to drive lasting excellence and success

Program and Benefit/Results

A sampling of programs I’ve designed and led


Day-long program for a new team to rapidly coalesce

Three-part series for a leadership team to improve company culture

Year-long team coaching program for the co-founders and top leaders of a tech firm to build trust and work more efficiently together

Two-day development program for a large team at a private equity firm to improve overall team performance

Two-day strategic leadership offsite for the top team at a software company to improve team unity

Results / Benefits

Laid important groundwork in helping this new team work together, accelerating their effectiveness and ability to deliver value to the organization

Helped the team identify and define their company's core values and positively share its culture

Greater trust, new and better patterns of engagement, more productive ways of handling conflict

Moved to the next level: this already well-functioning team went from good to great

Better team cohesion and alignment, which enabled the organization to scale more rapidly

What clients say

“Dina’s skill and ability to read both a business situation as well as the professional is uncanny.

Delivering powerful leadership offsites, Dina’s been a gamechanger for us.”


Alicia Haff

CEO and Co-Founder

ETC Companies

(Inc. 500 Honoree)

“Dina is a great thought partner, facilitator, and coach. I saw the impact Dina had in inspiring and

empowering our leaders … extremely valuable workshops!”


Sarah Van Roy

Director of Talent Management


“Dina facilitated an Enneagram analysis for my team at TSG and did an incredible job helping us interpret the results. Dina thoughtfully highlighted our team’s strengths and opportunities and gave us the tools to help us grow stronger as a team. We all thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Dina!”


Margo Hays



Accelerate your team’s success


Often, I’m contacted for team coaching when there’s a crisis or emerging challenge that needs immediate attention.


But team coaching shouldn't be reserved for urgent situations. It’s also part of a proactive development strategy—supporting healthy, resilient, adaptable teams in unlocking their greatest potential and reaching new heights.