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"Dina is an extremely effective coach.  During my journey through career progression, my work with Dina was key in bringing my various experiences and challenges together in order to truly shift my mindset and transform from a high achiever into a leader.  Dina seamlessly switches modes to match the needs of her clients, for maximum impact.  I particularly appreciated this, as sometimes you really just need some good advice from someone with the experience of all her clients.  As it has now been about six months since our last engagement ended, I can say the shift has really "stuck" and I feel prepared to tackle what comes next."

--Alicia Llosa Chang /  Partner  / PwC 

"Dina has an amazing ability to hear what's going on and provide real world advice and context. To be able to understand how corporations work, the politics, what can be done and what really isn't possible. Her perspective was amazing and invaluable."

--Chris George / Director of Trademarks and Brands / Intel

Mala Sharma

"What I valued the most is Dina’s uncanny ability to help you find the answers within yourself and being available as a balanced sounding board on all things surrounding leadership.


In six short months, I was able to achieve my goals successfully and have a tangible impact that has been visibly noted by my team, peers and senior leaders. Partnering with Dina was an empowering experience.”

-- Mala Sharma / VP and GM / Adobe

"Dina was highly knowledgeable, experienced, and wise in the ways of big business and career journeys.


Her fresh thinking and sense of humor are what sets her apart, and I highly recommend Dina for anyone looking to improve their leadership profile."

-- Libby Bernick / Global Head of Corporate ESG Business / S&P Global


"Working with Dina was like having a therapist, mentor, and trusted friend all in one. She created an instant connection and established trust while challenging my thinking and approach.


She asked the tough questions and co-created a clear path to success, making it easy to make progress against my goals quickly. Now, I am able to hear her coaching and can ask myself the same questions she would. She’s changed my patterns, and I’m a much better leader, manager, and person."

-- Karlin Keller / Head of Global Employee Communications / Intel

"Dina made an immediate impact on my leadership abilities. She worked with me to set goals and exercises to put those into practice throughout the course of our coaching sessions.


My progression was validated with strong results, and I’m confident it has made me a stronger leader. I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to help me through this process."

-- Brett Barash / Director / Silicon Valley Bank

Marc Spencer

"Working with Dina was critical in enabling me to successfully lead my organization through a massive strategic change.


Her insight, candor, and support accelerated my development as a leader and person, and our conversations always left me feeling energized, focused, and with a fresh perspective on key issues." 


-- ​Marc Spencer / CEO / Summer Search (National Non-Profit)

"I worked with Dina as my executive coach following the receipt of very disappointing news regarding an important promotion. With Dina's help, I was able to refocus and attack certain feedback areas with increased determination, focus, and intentionality, which was noticed by my leaders and has carried over after our coaching engagement. 


I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Dina and strongly recommend her.”

-- Colin Carney / Partner / PwC


"After recently achieving a long-held career goal I found myself in my new position wondering, “now what?” Dina helped me reset my career goals and kick some bad mental habits that were limiting my thinking and holding me back. Conversation with Dina was easy and always productive. She challenged me to consider different points of view and her supportive guidance helped me lead myself to valuable insights.


I was fortunate to work with Dina and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to expand their self-awareness and career success.”

-- Christine Tiberio / Senior Director, Commercial Strategy and Operations / S&P Global

"Working with Dina was a real game-changer. It gave me confidence, real tools to utilize in real situations, and a higher sense of accountability for my own self-development as well as the development of my team."


-- Katie Brown-Davis / Senior Director, Marketing / Sephora


“Dina was a great sounding board for my thoughts, helping me both get clear and focused on my key priorities as well as see things in a different and more objective light. Dina quickly understood our organizational language and internal politics, and her insights and guidance were incredibly helpful to me in determining how to navigate complex situations and relationships. Dina is a trusted and valuable partner for me, helping me identify and stay on center with my most important goals, and always providing the right mix of challenge and support.” 

-- Dr. Yael Kril / Regional Manager, Israel / Intel

"The leadership team at Preset really enjoyed our engagement with Dina, whom we selected to help us bring our company core values to light. Dina is a very knowledgeable executive coach with an in-depth knowledge of the tech industry. Because of her, we achieved this feat in a cohesive, inclusive, and timely manner. We highly recommend her and we are excited to reengage with her in the future."

-- Gabrial Fett / Head of People / Preset


“Dina facilitated an Enneagram analysis for my team at TSG and did an incredible job helping us interpret the results. Dina thoughtfully highlighted our team’s strengths and opportunities and gave us the tools to help us grow stronger as a team. We all thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Dina!”

-- Margo Hays / Managing Director / TSG

"Working with Dina was a highlight of 2021. She worked efficiently with me and my leadership team to strengthen our core goals and align on our mission and values. Dina helped us improve our communication and output, which enabled us to provide better results to our customers, drive higher growth and produce our lowest churn on record. I highly recommend working with Dina if you get the opportunity - and she is also a ton of fun!"

-- Julie Giannini / Chief Customer Officer / Egnyte


"Dina was a pleasure to work with throughout the coaching process from the initial chemistry conversation to the encapsulation of our time together in the wrap up. I appreciated the invaluable feedback gleaned from stakeholder interviews and our many working sessions.  Having access to an unbiased resource as well as a safe environment in which to explore new modes of thinking was both insightful and impactful.  I also give high praise to Dina’s flexibility navigating unexpected schedules—she helps to tailor a program that can fit into the busiest executive’s calendar."

--Todd Gerber / Vice President / Adobe

"I feel lucky to have found such an amazing executive coach. Dina is an authentic, empathetic, and caring individual truly focused on your growth and development. She is an excellent listener (beyond your words) and gives you the tools that enable you to be introspective and understand your impact.


She is very perceptive, and always knows the right questions to ask to help you come to your own self-realization. I know that Dina is committed to my success, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

-- Cindy Lee / Executive Director / Gilead Sciences


"Our leadership team’s offsite with Dina was fantastic, truly a worthy expense of two days.


We created a plan of action in our two days with her that we hadn’t been able to accomplish in two years." 

-- Participant / ETC Companies

"We were having trouble with our team with accountability and managing conflict. Over the course of  our offsite, she helped us open up about these things and work our way through them - something we knew we needed to do but didn’t know-how. Bringing realness, insight, appropriate sense of humor, and strong facilitation Dina kept us on point and focused so that we addressed all the higher-level issues, deepened our understanding of ourselves and our team members, and left with a great plan." 


-- Participant / Leadership Offsite / ETC Companies


"Dina was an absolute pleasure to work with. This was my first ever coaching experience and I was not exactly sure what to expect and what I was getting myself into. Dina was quick to notice the skepticism and took the time and patience to work at my pace, made me feel comfortable and to trust the process. 

Only a seasoned professional like Dina could take 6 months of detailed assessments, feedback, research, and discussions and bubble them up to 3 simple words that are key focus areas for me as I embark on the next phase of my professional journey. Thank you, Dina!"

-- Maninder Sawhney / SVP and GM / Adobe

"Dina is an excellent executive coach. Her commitment to her clients and her warm, engaging style are supported by a deep knowledge of neuroscience as applied to leadership. I've had the opportunity to refer many people to her for coaching, to watch her coaching in action and even to be coached by her myself.


Her intelligence, her access to powerful questions and her personal commitment to growth make her a truly exceptional strategic partner and coach. The people I've referred to her have consistently given her rave reviews too. If you get a chance to work with Dina - take it!​"

-- Anna Barber / Partner / M13


"Dina helped me be bold, think big, and ‘step out into the abyss’ with an inspiring new vision for my organization. She reminded me that I still need to manage up, maybe even more so as an executive.


Dina was an excellent executive coach who challenged me and helped me grow. I am a better leader due to her passion, discipline, and welcoming style.”

-- Hope Merritt / VP and GM / Intel

"Dina has been a transformative catalyst for my leadership and career growth. Drawing on her wealth of both first-hand leadership experience and evidence-based resources, Dina keenly understands and intuitively articulates the dynamics and challenges inherent in executive leadership, such that her counsel and ideas were always perceptive and practical.


Her combination of empathy, insight, and strategic mindset provided me with the support to confidently scale my organization rapidly and to navigate complex management challenges.


Thanks to her unwavering and honest support, I have realized tangible improvement in my leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and career. I highly recommend Dina to any leader seeking to improve their effectiveness as an executive leader and advance their career!"

-- Robert J. Brown, M.D. / Chief Medical Officer, Oncology / Zai Lab

robert brown_edited.png

"Our work with Dina was an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience for us all.  We came to better understand the strengths and opportunities within ourselves, but also as an overall team, in a judgement-free and upbeat vs. heavy-handed way.  And most importantly, the sessions created moments to better understand and connect with each other on a more personal level, which we’ve been deprived of over the past 1.5 years."

-- Matt Karson / Media Director / The Clorox Company

"Dina helped me get started on my journey of building stronger relationships based on mutual trust. She encouraged me to be a more proactive communicator, providing both philosophical guidance as well as practical tips I could use on a daily basis. Although she often had to push me to get outside of my comfort zone, I found working with Dina to be enjoyable and rewarding. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills or increase their impact."

--Name Withheld / Chief Security Office / Quantitative Hedge Fund


“Dina’s skill at reading both business situations as well as people is uncanny. Her ability to make a professional NOT feel judged while they are being vulnerable is superior to anyone we have had the opportunity to work with in the past 25 years. For ETC Companies to continue its rapid growth trajectory both big and subtle changes needed to happen, and Dina knew just how to assist our leadership team with these transitions. Delivering both individual executive coaching as well as powerful offsites for the leadership team, Dina has been a game changer for us."


-- Alicia Haff / Founder /  ETC Companies (Inc. 500 Honoree)


"Dina did an excellent job facilitating our team offsite and making sure everyone stayed focused. She was extremely personable and energetic and able to move the conversation forward.  She balanced drawing out our own knowledge and ideas with providing best practice and other relevant information that will be immediately applicable.”

-- Participant / Federal Reserve Bank

"Dina is a great thought partner, facilitator, and coach. I worked with Dina to design Iterable's first Leadership Summit and saw the impact she had in inspiring and empowering our leaders to drive a strong team culture. Her workshops were research-based and practiced-based, giving our leaders a shared framework and the tools so they can apply learnings immediately with their teams. They were extremely valuable workshops! "

-- Sarah Van Roy / VP, Talent Management / Iterable

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