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Are You on the Edge of Greatness?

Executive Coaching

Leadership is demanding, and the challenges are only increasing in today’s constantly changing, uncertain environment. What does tomorrow look like?

We can’t ever be sure, but what we do know is that authentic self-aware leaders in touch with their purpose can accomplish their mission with a renewed sense of focus and passion.

There is no question that you want
to be your best every day but,

there's never a
straight path.


Enhance Your Impact & Influence


The impact you have on others at work is critical to your success, especially as a leader.

Communication is the foundation to relationships, and 99% of it occurs in the everyday, moment-by-moment interactions. When your impact aligns with your intent, you strengthen your leadership.

  • Create strong trusting relationships that grow your influence

  • Advance your ability to navigate difficult and/or high-stakes conversations

  • Build authentic executive presence and communicate with impact

  • Curate a leadership brand that conveys your identity and value

  • Become responsive instead of reactive

“What I valued the most is Dina’s uncanny ability to help you find the answers within yourself and being available as a balanced sounding board on all things surrounding leadership.


Partnering with Dina was an empowering experience. In six short months, I was able to achieve my goals successfully and have a tangible impact that has been visibly noted by my team, peers and senior leaders.”​

-- Mala Sharma / VP and GM / Adobe


Inspire Even Greater Results


Articulating and executing a strategic vision based on your mission, values, and priorities can take you out of the weeds of lower-level issues.

However, no one gets it done alone. You cannot overestimate the importance of refining the high-level skills necessary to engage, inspire, and develop others.

  • Clarify your vision and purpose and inspire your organization

  • Build a high-performing and cohesive team

  • Engage, motivate, and develop others to achieve results

  • Increase your strategic focus

  • Lead and navigate change, and help others do the same

  • Further the success of your team and organization.

"Working with Dina was critical in enabling me to successfully lead my organization through a massive strategic change. Her insight, candor, and support accelerated my development as a leader and person, and our conversations always left me feeling energized, focused, and with a fresh perspective on key issues." 


-- Marc Spencer / CEO / Summer Search (National Non-Profit)


Build Sustainable Effectiveness
& Advance Your Career


Transitions can be a roller coaster. How do you stay steady through non-stop change or while you’re taking your career to the next level ?

Achieve a better balance between accomplishing phenomenal results and preserving a sense of well-being that keeps you at your best.

  • Clarify your personal vision and values to ground your decisions

  • Fortify your resilience to sustain effectiveness over time for yourself and your organization

  • Find clarity, focus, and confidence to take bold but necessary steps

  • Achieve greater success and satisfaction in your current work or define and secure your next role

  • Fast-track your ability to deliver value in a new role

"Dina was highly knowledgeable, experienced, and wise in the ways of big business and career journeys. Her fresh thinking and sense of humor are what sets her apart, and I highly recommend Dina for anyone looking to improve their leadership profile."

-- Libby Bernick / Global Head of Corporate ESG Business / S&P Global

executive coaching, San Francisco

How it works:

You have limited time to step back and reflect, focus on the important versus the urgent, and gain fresh perspective on a situation or challenge. That’s why my approach is both evidence-based and pragmatic.

In every engagement, I serve as an executive-level confidant and strategic thought partner to my clients, offering an honest and objective third-party perspective seasoned by my own experience and expertise.

Each engagement is customized, but here’s how it looks at a high level. In most engagements we’ll look at six things essential to your success:


The Essential Six Elements


Coaching has to build on what matters to you: what you want to achieve, create, and become. If you’re an executive working within a corporation, it’s also critical to understand how key stakeholders experience you. With this dual awareness, we’ll identify goals that are both meaningful and high impact.


Our mindsets filter the data we perceive, shape our thinking and actions, and unconsciously limit our worldview and choices. Exposing and questioning your assumptions and experimenting with new perspectives and approaches can help you propel your progress forward.


We’ll lay out a strategic roadmap and pinpoint the most important things you need to shift to achieve your goals and move towards your vision. Strengths are the easiest path to high performance, and I’ll help you recognize and leverage your full set of strengths. We’ll also identify and address any internal obstacles that are thwarting your efforts to raise your game.


Creating different and better results not only requires fresh ways of thinking but new approaches and behaviors as well. We’ll determine what you may need to learn or unlearn and determine specific practices and actions that will help you move toward your vision of success.


Systemic forces can either promote or impede you and have an enormous impact on any leader’s success. We’ll examine the ecosystem you function in and consider adjustments to the way that you interact within a complex web of relationships. Shifting certain patterns can be key to unlocking your greater success.


Recognizing and organizing around your values, what gives you energy and what takes it away is fundamental to your performance, happiness, and sustainable effectiveness. My concern is for you as a whole person, and we’ll clarify these as needed. I’ll invite you to talk about whatever weighs you down so you can free up your mind and energy and refocus.

Anna Barber

"Dina is an excellent executive coach. Her commitment to her clients and her warm, engaging style are supported by a deep knowledge of neuroscience as applied to leadership. I've had the opportunity to refer many people to her for coaching, to watch her coaching in action and even to be coached by her myself.


Her intelligence, her access to powerful questions and her personal commitment to growth make her a truly exceptional strategic partner and coach. The people I've referred to her have consistently given her rave reviews too. If you get a chance to work with Dina - take it!​"

-- Anna Barber / Partner / M13

Become the leader others love to follow.

The Next Steps:

We get started by setting up a 30-minute introductory meeting to discuss your needs and goals, and mutually assess fit.


I work with a limited number of high-level professionals, typically in either 6 or 12-month engagements. This is a personalized offering and is priced accordingly.

Let’s break down where you are and get you where you want to be.


For Teams:

Bespoke packages, which may include strategic retreats and work with your team, are also available. 

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