Get ready for inspirational results

My background as an executive, combined with my understanding of the science of human behavior, gives me a unique perspective into overcoming the common challenges faced by today's leaders.  

Using an evidence-based and pragmatic approach for proven results, my work covers the spectrum of challenges that all successful leaders face. If you’re like many of my clients, you may want to: 

Accelerate individual and team performance

No one gets it done alone

You cannot overestimate the importance of refining the high-level skills necessary to engage, inspire, and develop others for the success of your organization. We’ll work together so you can build and lead a high-performance team. 

  • Engage employees to achieve actionable results, individually and as a team

  • Build a team culture of high performance and trust

  • Enhance positive relationships within and across teams

Enhance your impact and influence

The higher you go, the more people skills matter

The impact you have on others at work is critical to your success, especially as a leader. Positive relationships up, down, and across the organization are crucial. Communication is the foundation, and 99% of communication occurs in everyday, moment-by-moment interactions. When your impact aligns with your intent, you strengthen your leadership.

  • Clarify and build a strong personal leadership brand that quickly communicates your value

  • Create strong relationships that allow you to increase your influence and create better results

  • Develop authentic executive presence to build credibility and have a greater impact

Think more strategically and lead change

You bring what no one else can

Accessing your strength as a leader means an unwavering commitment to what’s really important. Articulating and executing a strategic vision based on your mission, values, and priorities can take you out of the weeds of lower-level issues that others can and should handle. This allows you to focus your actions on what brings the highest value to your organization and to your professional growth.

  • Become clear and focused on your strategic vision, leading with both mastery and meaning

  • Heighten your ability to lead and navigate change, and help others do the same

  • Fortify your resilience so you can sustain effectiveness over time for yourself and your organization

Advance your career

Fortune favors the bold

Transitions can be a rollercoaster. How do you stay steady while you’re taking your career to the next level? Whether you are looking to move up in your current role or are searching for a new career path that more closely fits your values, strengths, and interests, this personalized coaching and support can help you find the clarity, focus, and confidence to take the necessary bold steps.


  • Move your career forward with the structure, tools, and support of an individually tailored process

  • Achieve greater success and satisfaction in your current work and/or define, pursue and secure your next role 

  • Fast-track your ability to deliver value from the start in a new role

Here's how I work

Mindset: Our mindsets filter the data we perceive, shape our thinking and actions, and can unconsciously limit our worldview and choices. Exposing and questioning your assumptions and experimenting with new perspectives and approaches can help you get unstuck and propel your progress forward.


Action: Getting different and better results not only requires fresh ways of thinking but also requires new approaches and behaviors. We’ll determine what you may need to learn or unlearn and determine specific practices and actions that will help you move toward your vision of success.

Self: Recognizing and organizing around your values and what gives you energy and what takes it away is fundamental to your performance, happiness, and sustainable effectiveness. We’ll clarify these as needed. My concern is for you is as a whole person, and so I’ll also invite you to talk about whatever is weighing on you so you can free up your mind and energy and refocus.


In every engagement, I serve as an executive-level confidant and strategic thought-partner to my clients, offering an honest and objective third-party perspective seasoned by my own experience and expertise. I work with most executive coaching clients in 6- or 12-month engagements. Bespoke packages, which can include strategic retreats and work with your team, are also available.

Having been an executive myself, I understand the pressures that leaders face and the demands on your time. That’s why my approach is both evidence-based and pragmatic.


Because every person and situation is unique, each engagement is customized but here’s how it looks at a high level. In most engagements we’ll look at six things essential to your success:

Vision: Coaching has to build on what matters to you: what you want to achieve, create, and become. If you’re an executive working within a corporation, it’s also critical to understand how key stakeholders experience you. With this dual awareness, we’ll identify goals that are both meaningful and high impact.

Strategy: We’ll lay out a strategic roadmap, pinpointing the most important things you need to shift to achieve your goals and move towards your vision. Strengths are the easiest path to high performance, and so I’ll help you recognize and leverage your full set of strengths. We’ll also identify and address any internal obstacles that are getting in your way and thwarting your efforts to raise your game.


Ecosystem: Systemic forces can either promote or impede you and have an enormous impact on any leader’s success. We’ll examine the ecosystem you function in and consider adjustments to the way that you interact within a complex web of relationships. Shifting certain patterns can be key to unlocking your greater success.